Services Offered

Rosenblum Property Services provides a convenient and cost effective single-source solution while delivering unparalleled service, quality and value for all property management needs.

Facility Management

Full or limited professional service programs to manage the operation of your physical plant. We continually evaluate existing operations, maintenance and repair programs and develop new programs as needed; all to ensure the most efficient use of your resources and keep your facility in peak operating condition.

  • Establish strategies based on the Owner’s goals for the property.
  • Develop annual operating and maintenance budgets.
  • Develop short and long term capital improvement plans and budgets.
  • Develop comprehensive operating procedures and maintenance schedules.
  • Provide regular property inspections with written reports.
  • Manage in-house and contract maintenance services and repairs.
  • Continually look for improved efficiencies to gain cost savings without impacting quality.

Property Maintenance

Provide the necessary resources to perform routine maintenance and upkeep of your facility. Whether the need is complete maintenance services or to supplement your existing resources for larger or more complex tasks, we have the necessary expertise to get the job done.

  • Routine maintenance and upkeep with in-house (ours or yours) staff.
  • Competitively bid contract services as necessary.
  • Attend to periodic repairs with in-house staff or qualified contractors with whom we maintain strong working relationships.
  • 24 x 7 emergency services.

Construction Services

Over 20 years experience completing a myriad of assignments including facility upgrades, repairs, renovations, re-decorating, and consulting. From initial concept to project completion, we have the necessary expertise and resources available to complete any assignment on time, under budget and to the highest standards.

  • Design-build and construction management.
  • Tenant fit-ups and modifications.
  • Capital improvements including re-decorating, renovations, additions, and replacement or upgrades of mechanical/electrical systems.
  • Consulting services including property inspections, due diligence reviews and cost estimates for capital repairs related to possible acquisitions.

Financial Reporting

Complete bookkeeping services available for all the day to day aspects of managing collections and disbursements, developing budgets, and reporting financial performance.

  • Collect rent and other property fees.
  • Calculate and collect escalation charges.
  • Disburse payments to vendors and service providers.
  • Provide detailed monthly financial reporting.
  • Continually monitor and report on property’s financial performance.

Lease Management

Provide guidance during lease negotiations and monitor existing leases to ensure compliance with the terms and facilitate renewals in a timely manner.

  • Assist with new lease negotiations to help ensure appropriate terms for Landlord.
  • Evaluate existing leases, monitor upcoming renewals, and negotiate renewal terms.
  • Ensure rent, other property fees, and escalations are being correctly invoiced pursuant to lease terms and then paid in a timely manner.

Tenant Relations

We address all tenant concerns, big and small, in a timely and professional manner. A core part of our philosophy is to build strong, interactive relationships including all those with whom we work. Whether it’s your tenants, vendors, and subcontractors or ours, a strong “team” working together benefits everyone.

  • Build strong interactive relationships.
  • Address all tenant concerns in a timely and professional manner.